» Traffic Signal Design
» Traffic Signal Studies
» Electrical Design
» Fiber Optic Network Design
» Signal Integration with ITS
» Traffic Signal Interconnect
» Saturation Flow Studies

» Fiber Optics
» System Control Software
» Electrical Power Design
» Rural and Urban ITS
» Traffic Detection Systems
» Closed Circuit Television
» Video Switching Systems

We specialize in the integration of ITS systems,
and we understand that our client’s primary concern
is having a functional system. Our experience as both
engineers and constructors means that we can handle
any and all phases of your ITS implementation, from
concept and design, through construction and testing.
We have been involved in some of the largest ATMS
projects in the Western US. As a result, we have the
knowledge and experience to make all the pieces
come together.

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Email: itsengineers@itsengineers.com     Phone: 1.623.780.4050